Waiting For The Start Of On Line Classes?

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When Are The On Line Classes Going To Start…….

Waiting for the Online Classes? -  Leyla Najma's Belly Dance BlogThis is Dan, Leyla’s husband with an update about the start date of the ‘live’ on line classes.

Just as a summary and review. Last year we did a test and broadcast a live belly dance class across the internet. This class was very well received and we had dancers from Australia to Romania participate. The video quality was great, there weren’t any show stopping technical glitches and dancers liked the idea of having a DVD of the class for reference after the class.

As a result, both Leyla and I then decided that it would be a really good idea to provide these types of classes to dancers who…..

  1. Didn’t have access to instruction due to their location.
  2. Couldn’t find instruction that they felt comfortable with.
  3. Didn’t want to go to the studio for personal, or other reasons.
  4. Didn’t have the time in their schedule to take the time to travel back and forth

So the live classes initiative was born out of the desire to give dancers the opportunity to learn on “their time”.

Well, I’m happy to announce that all of the things that had been keeping these classes under wraps have pretty much been overcome and we’ll be starting these classes really, really, really, really soon. All the technical issues have been overcome, the curriculum is in place with only one thing left to do.

A Dancer Referral Program – The Last Ingredient

See, one of the things that I really have wanted to be a part of the live classes program is an opportunity for dancers to share the opportunity with some of their dance friends and earn a referral from doing so. This obviously helps us and gives you a way to share the joy and at the same time put some hard cold cash in your pocket. I know that dancers often refer different things to each other and this will allow anyone who wants to participate, do so and make some mad money at the same time.

Managing a program like this is a lot of work because it is important to have all the business systems in place that can support getting checks out to dancers on time and in the right amount. I’m a stickler for this kind of detail, so I guess I’m the hold up at this point.

I”m a stickler for detail and getting it as close to right the first time out of the gate and the last thing I want to have happen is for there to be a glitch of some sort that introduces inaccuracy or delays in the process, so before we put the seal of approval on anything we do, we test and then test again. We don’t always get it perfect right out of the shoot, but we like to test to know that at least we know of any bugs and have a work around.

The other thing is that Leyla is “Hip Scarf” deep in preparing for workshop later in April called Floralia, Belly Dance Festival For The Goddess. I can tell you that for every minute of what  you see Leyla do, there are hours of behind the scenes preparation. She’s every bit (if not more) a stickler for detail then I am. The workshop will conclude the first week in May.

Early Sign Up

The start of the classes will be in early May. We’ll open up signup’s for the live classes in the next 7 to 10 days.

We have a special page on Leyla’s main website that you can go to and learn more. It’s a pre-enrollment page so to speak. It’s good to go there if you are interested in live classes and do the pre-enrollment because the first time out of the gate, we’ll probably want to keep the class size small.

So here’s the link to pre-enroll.  Live Belly Dance Lessons Pre-Enrollment. If you pre-enroll, you’ll guarantee your place in the classes but you’ll also qualify for a special offer that we’re going to make available just for those that took the time to pre-enroll.

If you’ve already added your name and expressed your interest there’s no need to do anything. Just be on the lookout for the next message which will be all about how to register.

Hope his helps and if you have any questions feel free to send email, or reply to this post.

Both Leyla and I are always here for you.

So go check it out if you’re interested. It’s going to be a great, great, great program and is going to be so much more then  just live broadcasting.  Here’s the link again for pre-enrollment. Live Belly Dance Lessons Pre-Enrollment.


The Belly Dance Husband

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