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The Belly Dance Magazine for You - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

With each magazine there is an aura or vibration that compels dancers to run to the mailbox when the next issue is scheduled to arrive. The mail becomes something to look forward to and the anticipation of turning pages and viewing events becomes an addiction.

The Chronicles…A Belly Dancer’s Oasis

Of course you all know I write for The Chronicles belly dance magazine and maybe with this one I’m a little more excited when it arrives because I never know how they are going to arrange my articles. The surprise feeling is closer to the excitement I feel when I open presents. I like The Chronicles because each issue is a collector’s edition and they seem to follow the full gambit of belly dance events, workshops, and foreign travel. It seems to be a magazine that fits the ideal of what one would expect from a belly dance magazine. I have been writing for them for over 3 years now so I feel that I have contributed to each issue and I feel apart of a group effort.

There seems to be a lot of scheduled events advertized in The Chronicles so much so that you could go crazy trying to figure out which one you want to go to. For a dancer who wants to see a little bit of what everyone has to offer I recommend this magazine for you.


Shimmy…In The Spirit of Belly Dance

I was lucky to meet the publisher of Shimmy magazine, Holly Luky this past June in Sedona. I interviewed Holly for my Belly Dance Village website and got to know a very down to earth and beautiful woman. I was impressed by Holly’s view of how she see’s her magazine and the value it will bring to the belly dance world.

Shimmy is a modern and cosmopolitan breath of fresh air for dancers like myself who have been in the belly dance business a long time. The magazine is slick and eye catching plus the articles are all a good read. I have had the pleasure of being published in her magazine and look forward to the honor again in the future. This magazine is going to be around for a long time and with the spiritual vibe to the magazine it will not only meet expectations but surpass them.



Years ago I had written an article called “YouTubing Myself under the Covers” for Jareeda and the publisher Mezdulene put my photo on the back of the magazine and didn’t tell me. When I went to the mailbox I was pleasantly surprised to see myself on the back cover and I felt she was such a wonderful woman to do that! This magazine is more like a vintage shop with a treasure trove of goodies and you can tell it comes from Mezdulene’s blood sweat and tears. Jareeda is a magazine that is in black and white (may be in color now) but it has an ambiance to it that makes it a keeper. Jareeda is the only magazine that offers a back cover spot and it’s a nice way of helping dancers get out to the public. I also like the old fashioned way the pages are put together and with this magazine you can really feel like you are supporting not just a community but a dancer with the heart of gold.



Sharina is the publisher of Zaghareet magazine and I found with this magazine that it is directed more towards the tribal dancers and fusion styles. It is a very informative magazine that has good articles and spotlights dancers from different areas of the tribal vibe. The pages are in black and white and some in color so you can see the advertisements of events, workshops and bling better. I found that some of the dancers on the cover of Zaghareet were unknown to me so it’s a good magazine to get so you can be informed with the new dancers making a splash or older dancers making news.


The Gilded Serpent Online Magazine

I thought I would include The Gilded Serpent because we all need options in today’s busy rush to get in ideas, topics, articles and workshops. There are a lot of articles published in The Gilded Serpent that are very informative which include reviews and everything inbetween. But the one thing that I don’t like about online magazines is that they can get very busy and complicated in regards to direction challenged dancers like me. If there is too much on the front page I get overwhelmed but then that’s just me. The Gilded Serpent has been around for a long time and I like the fact that a lot of the articles are written by well known dancers. So check it out and get informed.


The Hip Circle Online Magazine

Years ago I was interviewed for The Hip Circle and I was really impressed with how professional and personal it was besides being a unique blend of new and old ideals. It’s a wonderful melting pot of articles and interviews and I found that it was easy to navigate around the pages. The Hip Circle is one of my favorite on line magazines because I had such a good experience talking and emailing the gals supervising the site. I’m not sure who is editing and keeping The Hip Circle together now but I am sure you will enjoy the articles, reviews, advice and topics that are just a fingertip away.


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