The Single Minded Belly Dancer

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The Single Minded Belly Dancer - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance BlogSometimes learning a dance form can lead a student into a matrix mentality that can become an uncomfortable habit. The learning process in anything can be intimidating, scary and unfamiliar territory. For some reason in dance it’s intensified tenfold and the need for a leader, elder or expert is more then necessary but required to continue on.

I remember this feeling well, it’s like swimming in a pool and the next day swimming into the ocean. What’s underneath that can’t be seen is more frightening then the bottom of any pool. And the test of courage sets aside the girls from the women because once a dancer steps foot on the stage, she might as well be in a vast ocean of the unknown.

The best dancers that I have seen on stage all understood one thing. It’s simple and is many times overlooked. Most women want to think that dance is complicated and the training is endless which is true to a point. But the best dancers remember one thing and that is body motion memory. This has everything to do with your timing, step coordination, turns and accents with dramatic stops. If you forget you’re in your body it won’t matter how much you practice at home or studio because just like in water if you can’t float you’ll sink. Fluidity and timing comes from being familiar with moves in a way that extends from your inner soul to the tips of your fingers or the leg extension out to the side. Most women don’t walk like truck drivers because we have a different structure in our hips that make us swing alittle or alot. We don’t question it and for the most part people, men in particular enjoy what comes naturally to each of us.

Questioning your dance, scrutinizing who you are as a dancer or comparing yourself to others puts your own unique design in a defensive mode. How can individual creativity defend itself from itself? After moves are learned and implemented into the body, it takes the courage and fortitude of each individual dancer to take the plunge and see what’s hiding underneath.

So the student looks for a teacher who will help her understand that the plunge is nothing more then learning how to feel comfortable in any environment with her body. We are made up of about 70% of water and the earth is made up of about 75% of water so once we understand this connection then the ocean not only becomes our home but apart of us.

Nothing unseen stays a mystery forever because there is always someone who has the tenacity to venture into unchartered waters to see for themselves the mystery that progressively unfolds around them. So through a  teacher’s guidance the student understands that she gives meaning and authenticity to the stage which exists for the sole purpose of a dancers inspired thoughts, choreographed into individual motion.

Guidance to me  is a key element in a good teacher. My online classes coming up will be an extension of my understanding of dance, inspired thought and creative choreographies. It’s important for all of you who are interested in  taking my classes to know that while I’m in front of the camera, I am there for the sake of your dancing needs. You will know after taking my classes which direction to go once you understand the different elements in dance that motivate you to share your creativity with the world. In the end it is you up on stage confirming your understanding of your connection to divine inspiration. My job as a teacher is to let you know that you are already connected, it’s just a matter of believing you can float before you can swim. And since you and inspiration are one and the same, you just have to believe in yourself thus becoming the single minded dancer.

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    Not to mention the fact that the old camera is out and the new camera is in, which is an HD camera that I’ll be testing tonight, which gets me really really, really excited because the broadcast quality is going to be outstanding and stellar.