The Photo Shoot That Wasn’t………

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The Photo Shoot That Wasn't.... - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance BlogHave you ever woke up with that “impending” event feeling that you just can’t shake? Well I must admit the day of my groups photo shoot, I woke up with that feeling. But with a confident shrug I shook off the feeling and started to prepare for the days challenges. As 12:00 o’clock rolled around I new something was up because one of my students was late coming to my house. I had told the girls to be punctual but the fake eyelash emergency got us on the road late a half hour. I had that “impending” event  feeling again but as usual I rationalized to myself it was my imagination. Off we went to our photo shoot location and thank goodness there were no hick ups or flat tires to mess with our trip.

As soon as we drove into the parking lot of our photo shoot location, Project Tibet, I again had that feeling but it was such a pretty day and I must admit the girls looked so amazing so I quickly forged ahead and forgot about the feeling. As soon as we walked into the building where we were going to start off, I saw our photographer and could see something was wrong. He made it clear there was something wrong by snapping at me and acting irritated. This shocked me because we worked together for almost 4 years and most of the photo shoots had been really amazing. I had brought my video camera and was filming the girls photo shoot  but I could tell he wasn’t happy I had the video camera with me and walked in front of it asking me to turn it off,  jokingly but I could tell he wasn’t comfortable with me filming. So I told him it was for the girls and that it was more of a documentary of his amazing talent……..ahhh…humm….that didn’t work either but I still kept the camera rolling.

The first part of the group scene together had all of us posing with our arms in different ways and positions. I was suppose to pose everyone but with our photographer grumpy I let it go and the end result was unusable photos  with our arms looking stiff, discombobulated and really awful!    I suspected as much but didn’t say anything. The solo photo sessions were next and  I then turned to the photographer asking him who he wanted first, when all of a sudden  he grumbled at me to relax and kept repeating this statement. So we ended up growling at each other and with a look that said leave me alone, he stopped. I think he got the message and I ended up stressed out which is not something that happens to me alot.

We had another  group photo session outside and I knew something was wrong because that feeling crept back into my chest.  We were being placed into positions that didn’t  work but because I had already been snapped at I decided to let my opinion go. It went right out the window and we had another group of photos that didn’t work.

The solo photos came out wonderful and I must say they saved the day. But our whole purpose was to be photographed in a very unique way so that we wouldn’t have group photographs that are the norm. It didn’t happen because I didn’t stand up to the plate as the director of the group. Lesson learned; do not compromise your vision or dream for anyone and fight for what you know is right in your gut!   Funny thing is when I got home I watched  our little verbal quarrels  on video and realized that they happened in front of the girls at various times. Sadly to say it was the photo shoot that wasn’t but it should of been.

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One Response to “The Photo Shoot That Wasn’t………”
  1. Leyla Najma says:

    Just a comment here………again the photo shoot with Vivien was just amazing and the best lesson is always to work with a photographer who gets your vision and works with you.

    The girls enjoyed the outing but I could tell they were stressed out too and as the director I should never have let this happen.

    Moral of the story……..always follow your gut so you don’t look back at a memory saying to yourself, “I told you so!”