The Fall Roundup

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This blog will be more news of what’s coming up then my melodramas. Actually no drama’s to speak of so life is movin and groovin right along.

Ready, Set, Action!

We just bought a new camera and of course Daniel has big plans for doing a live broadcast which at this point I don’t know exactly what the theme will be but as soon as we get the camera we’ll let you know. We decided that with the changes in classes with adding Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll and the regular Hip Phylosophy curriculum that we needed an upgrade. Plus I might include another class if I see how these all go. We might as well keep the dance classes going through out the week. Who knows, it might be props, history of belly dance or my talk radio show…….

Music from California Dreams to Sonic Waves…

We just purchased new music for the exercise class that will keep us all rockin, shaking while we sweat. It’s not typical belly dance music and I wanted to change and spice class up abit so it’s all electronic music! On another note Jibber Jab went on hiatus because of the book but I will finish that one up so you all will not only have a cool drum solo choreography to learn but drum solo music that isn’t out yet!

Dance Advice

Any of you who want to write me and discuss combinations or drills please feel free to do so. It’s important to know how your body works with movement and how you are moving to your “own” rhythm. Practicing at home is important but you have to eventually dance in front of people to experience your timing and rhythm style. It’s almost as if performing in front of people releases the control mechanism that inhibits many dancers from feeling the music. Audiences will either bring it out in you or show you what you need to work on and listen to. Music will speak to you, all you have to do is just listen to her.  Also remember music doesn’t know it has to keep up with you or slow down so try to feel the beat and rhythm in your moves, combinations and body.

Keep the fires burning and know that I am here for all of you as well as Daniel! Your support is appreciated more then you all know!

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