The Curve Ball Called Life


Today is the first day in over a week that I can actually sit in front of the computer and type so I have decidedly called this blog, “the curve ball of life” for a reason. I was in a car accident over a week ago and funny thing is, I’m in worse shape then my car.  A guy tried to cross a busy road from a gas station and he had to pull out just as I was driving by. Needless to say it wouldn’t have mattered who the unfortunate soul was that was driving at that very moment of this young man’s risky and obviously poorly timed decision, the collision would have happened. Read more

A Common Goal with “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll”

Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

Today I was thinking about my exercise class “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll” and I wanted to share with you the goal for this class and why I am offering it.

First of all just like many of you who write in regarding your weight, I am dealing with that too. I am working on different options to make “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll” a class that will focus on upper body, abs, lower body and layering. The best part is we will be doing belly dance moves through out class time. I am working on the moves now and Daniel and I have picked music that will be fun to work out to. We decided on electronic music that will make you want to boogie along. Having fun is a huge part of this class and I want everybody to look forward to getting their groove on!

I will be thinking about doing a warm up/cool down with this class which will make class time 15 minutes longer. So let me know if you want just an hour of pure blood pumping class time with no warm up/cool down or if you want me to include them in. This is your time to speak up so let me know what you want now so I can incorporate them in.

I also thought it would be fun to lose weight together so this is another way for all of to do something together with a common goal. So those of you taking the exercise class I will be expecting photos of you as class progresses along. As for myself, I won’t be able to hide from any of you but I am ready to get the weight off that has stayed with me for a few years. I’m hoping the camera will gradually start to show a skinnier me………time will tell!!

There you have it everyone…….write in and let me know your thoughts!!!!

Leyla’s Latest News

Leyla's Latest News - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance BlogWeight Loss VS A Performing Art:

For the past year I have been noticing a lot of women are writing in because they want to lose weight. I know belly dancing is a fun way to exercise but the serious dancer in me doesn’t see the connection from learning a cultural dance to losing weight. Obviously any type of cardio is a great way to get into shape but there is a bit of a difference here. As a professional dancer I see belly dance as an expression of individual divine creativity. It’s the self expression of the soul that is my connection to belly dance. But I had to sit back and chew on my feelings for awhile and that is why I decided to do the Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll exercise class. Another reason is that now that I am in pre-menopause I have found that I have to exercise more to keep the weight off. So this week I am creating a fast paced regimen for everyone that should be a lot of fun!

Jibber Jam

I am in the process of working on a drum solo choreography for dancers and students called Jibber Jam. The drum solo music was a Christmas gift from Daniel 4 years ago composed by Issa Malluf. I am trying to make it something that is easy enough for dancers to follow who aren’t comfortable creating their own choreographies yet. I know that everyone loves drum solos so I thought I would make it first on my “to do” list of new videos. I must say as a spontaneous choreographer this is quite the task for me because as I have been listening to the music my mind wonders and I find I am literally “jamming” to the music.

Book is Almost Done!

I haven’t written much about my book only because it has been a long and thought provoking journey. But I am excited to say that I have only 4 chapters to go and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I have to say I haven’t been totally in the dark, I have been flying around with past memories, people and a few giggles. So I’m hoping to get it finished within a couple months and when I do, it will be party time!

Latest Article for Chronicles

I have been writing for Chronicles belly dance magazine for over 3 years now and wrote an article that I’m hoping you all check out in the next issue which will be Oct/Now/Dec. It’s a short article on my view of being a belly dancer and the “Flower of Life” imprint of the Goddess. I think you will all like it and maybe if I get enough interest I might post it here so you all can get a peek at it first before it comes out.

Ciao for now,