The Reality of Photo Shoots!

leyla-cleopatra-300The reality of photo shoots seems to be in the back of my mind this week. I was looking at old photographs and I realized that my sense of modeling has come a long way. And I mean from “nada” to where I am today, is like leaps and bounds! Most women will rely on the photographer to tell them everything and in the end they leave with little or no information. Understanding the necessity of photos in this business and marketing yourself is like another business. But in the end understanding lighting (indoor or outdoor) make up, body positioning is an art and one professional dancer’s must learn. It’s the life of an entertainer and whether we like it or not it’s apart of this business.

As I said, this topic is important to me because I have written about it before but I thought it would be a fun topic for this Wednesday’s chat. Besides it made me think of cool combos to use for in-front of the camera depending on indoor or outdoor shoots. So I am including “Photo Shoot Combos” with this weeks chat and I’m hoping everyone will have fun with them! Read more