A Surprise Performance

A Belly Dance Performance to Remember - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

I wanted to share an experience I had at a restaurant years ago with you all because I want to let you know that you never know what lady luck will send your way.

One particular night I just happened to be performing at an Italian restaurant in the downtown area of Dallas. I was hired to perform for a large group of Doctors and their wives. Unfortunately I had to be at their beck and call the entire evening which meant performing at a moments notice or giving a lecture on the dance. Oddly enough I performed to a few songs from one of the Gypsy Kings cds since they were one of my favorite bands.

As it was getting very late, I was just about to fall over in my chair until the bartender started to yell telling  everyone that the Gypsy Kings were coming to the restaurant to eat dinner. They had just finished their concert and wanted to eat Italian food. So the owner of the restaurant looked at me and asked if I had it in me to do one more show. Not only did I come back to life but I was jumping up and down because I couldn’t believe my luck. Thirty minutes went by that seemed to last an eternity and I had to remember to breathe so I wouldn’t pass out from the anticipation. With a yell the valet drivers let us know they had arrived. They drove up in their limo to the front doors and everybody started to clap. The entourage consisted of over twenty people and they all walked in with the Gypsy Kings laughing and singing as they were directed to their table. Read more

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Hip Mastery Connects The Dots ! Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

Hip Mastery 6 Video Series

This morning I was thinking about what I would write in my blog and I thought I would bring the subject up of my Hip Mastery videos only because I haven’t really mentioned them much. I tend to create videos and edit them, give them to Daniel and then move on to the next project. The funny thing is that if Daniel asks me a question regarding a video I usually have to go back and look at it because I have made so many besides my curriculum classes that I am not sure how to answer him sometimes.

There are 6 videos in the Hip Mastery series that focus just on the hips. But the best part is that each video connects to the next one. So I didn’t want students trying to figure out how to work in movement and combinations without a guide. It just seemed to me that most women who are passionate about this dance want instruction that will help them get results.

I realized that living the life style of a belly dancer day in and day out means that there is no rest for the choreographer. I constantly think of combinations and different choreographies to share with dancers, it’s almost like a calling. I would rather make videos for dancers or teach workshops then perform because seeing women in the glory of their movement is where the spirit of belly dance lives for me. It’s in the learning process of moving within our bodies where I see the epiphanies come alive for women. To me the stage is the end result of a beautiful journey but it is so much fun watching women learn and grow along their path before they achieve their goals.

Hip Mastery is my answer to the questions that women have asked me about thrusts, mayas and shimmies. Add in soft moves, traveling steps and you can see why this is a 6 video series. To me they make “Belly Dance sense”.

Here’s the website in case you want to check them out. www.hipmastery.com

Drum Solo Choreography”Jibber Jam”

The drum solo choreography “Jibber Jam” is coming along and I am almost finished with it. My daughters first day of school is coming up so I will be able to finish the choreography and get it videotaped. I have to laugh though because I put together what I thought was a simple drum solo choreography and it’s not as simple as I thought. I am excited to offer music never heard before, text and a step by step choreographed video in a way that will make it easy to learn. This will be so cool once I get it done but as with all my projects it is taking a little longer then I thought. Hopefully within the next two weeks it will be done and I can blare my bugle and sing a song but only in the shower!