Online Classes; a Work in Progress

belly-dancer-leyla-najma-cowgirlNext week will be the end of our first 4 week “live” online classes and I have to say it has been a wonderful experience to be able to share dance with all of you. For the first time we were able to give class instruction to dancers all over the world many of whom informed us that there were no teachers in their vicinity. For me this was huge because I remember my first couple of years having no one in my area to teach me. It’s hard to keep up the discipline especially when you feel alone in your learning process. I am dedicated to reaching out to as many students and dancers as possible through the online classes so this problem can be alleviated. Read more

Leyla’s Commentary for Dancers

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Workshop in Sedona Arizona

I am teaching a workshop along with another friend of mine Rozana al Jinan sponsored by Shimmy magazine/Holly Luky Saturday, June 26th with the evening show happening Friday the 25th .

The show will be at: (Reservations only)

Relics Restaurant 3235 West Highway 89A Sedona, Arizona.

Telephone (928) 282-1593 – Online www.relicsrestaurant. Read more