Free Belly Dancing Hip Combination Video – Goddess Sati

Free Belly Dancing Instructional Video

goddess-sati-belly-dance-videoNot too long ago we produced a series of very short belly dancing instructional videos specifically for the Belly Dancing Leyla Style mobile app for the Android and iPhone.

This one will be on the mobile app along with the others. I’m posting it on my blog as a way of celebrating the season with you all and to say thanks for your comments, feedback and participation on my blog.


PS: This video is enabled for embedding so feel free to grab the embed code and add it to your website for your visitors if you choose.


Back Corner Thrusts With Pistons – Free Belly Dance Video

Back Corner Thrusts With Pistons, Free Belly Dance Instructional Video

This free 24 minute Belly Dance video called “Back Corner Thrusts With Pistons” will help you develop some really nice moves and with practice balance and sharpen and balance your hips so you won’t favor one side over the other.

Don’t be shy. If you have a question about this video or want to share some feedback (which I love) then you are invited to leave a comment below.

If you have any questions about this video after watching, feel free to leave a comment below.