A Common Goal with “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll”

Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

Today I was thinking about my exercise class “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll” and I wanted to share with you the goal for this class and why I am offering it.

First of all just like many of you who write in regarding your weight, I am dealing with that too. I am working on different options to make “Belly Stretch-Thrust and Roll” a class that will focus on upper body, abs, lower body and layering. The best part is we will be doing belly dance moves through out class time. I am working on the moves now and Daniel and I have picked music that will be fun to work out to. We decided on electronic music that will make you want to boogie along. Having fun is a huge part of this class and I want everybody to look forward to getting their groove on!

I will be thinking about doing a warm up/cool down with this class which will make class time 15 minutes longer. So let me know if you want just an hour of pure blood pumping class time with no warm up/cool down or if you want me to include them in. This is your time to speak up so let me know what you want now so I can incorporate them in.

I also thought it would be fun to lose weight together so this is another way for all of to do something together with a common goal. So those of you taking the exercise class I will be expecting photos of you as class progresses along. As for myself, I won’t be able to hide from any of you but I am ready to get the weight off that has stayed with me for a few years. I’m hoping the camera will gradually start to show a skinnier me………time will tell!!

There you have it everyone…….write in and let me know your thoughts!!!!