Politically Correct

Belly Dancer Leyla Najma in the Southwest

Sometimes in our daily lives, we don’t always want to be politically correct or play nice. We can become alittle exorcisty and being politically correct is the farthest thing from our minds,  at least for that particular moment. We can excuse ourselves by saying, I’m in a full blown PMS state of mind or it’s the weather and a good one that I like to use is, I woke up feeling an impending event is going to happen. I prefer this last one, because people can’t really say your bonkers, well…at least not to your face. The question here, is what do entertainers do when they get the blues? Have you ever walked into a dressing room full of women and felt that familiar vibe of anxiety and grumpiness mixed together, (aka) gloomy apprehension. Add in attitudes and preconceived ideas of strained relationships and voilah, you have the evil twin ready to make her academy award winning performance. Read more