The Belly Dance Education

the Belly Dance Education, Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

Now that I am finally at the cusp of achieving and finalizing the last editing of my book,The Divine Unrest: My Stories, Advice and Personal Views on Belly Dance, I was thinking about the belly dance education I had over the years, and if it was the kind of learning process I expected.

Perhaps I ambled less on the general highway of dance and scuttled more on various hidden trails that lead me to conform my ideals in a way I never thought possible. I wonder if I am a traditionalist in my views with an underlying liberal attitude. Belly dance can take the naïve expectations of a beginner belly dancer and through time, change the unsullied mind with tainted experiences.

My goal here isn’t to spoil the belly dance experience for anyone, only to state that belly dance is a superb teacher and she will teach with an indifference to the outcome of the lesson. Since belly dance is life lived and learned, it is the best tutelage any student can have, even the hard knocks of life have invaluable lessons in them but that doesn’t make them any less painful. Read more