Somewhere In Time

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Somewhere In Time - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog Somewhere in time I felt and experienced life and my soul remembered.
Seeing what the soul remembers can change everything in ones life.
It all has to do with trusting the memory and knowing the path ahead is the right one.
Sometimes we see what doesn’t make sense but to the soul, it makes perfect sense.
How does the soul explain to the heart that what lies ahead is the right path?
How does the heart than explain to the mind that walking the path is safe?
How does the mind than converse with the emotions that are uneasy with the path?

My soul always seems to know when I don’t know.
She takes me by the hand and guides me through life so that I can remember.

Somewhere in Time I lived and learned and loved.
Perhaps many times but there are those few memories that seem to stay with the soul.
These memories can stay with someone through time so that they can be remembered.
This life time I choose to remember what my soul reveils to me.

Isn’t this the lesson?

When we understand the memory than we can walk our path knowing it is apart of the path we walk today.
And one day a long time from now how we have lived this life and have walked our path will be remembered in our soul.

Somewhere in Time this life will be remembered.

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