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The Belly Dance Inside Scoop!

The belly dance scoop starts with us revamping our business strategy and working together on what we can do to make dance classes easily accessible in these uncertain times. We want everyone to know that the on-line classes are secure and available to all dancers. Daniel wants me more in the business function of what we do because he feels I will know what dancers want. I’m so used to being in the front of the camera and creating curriculum that this might be a little challenging for me. So what this means is that you will see more of me on our sites talking about on-line classes and new info. We also have in the works something really cool and needed for those of you who spend a lot of time at home training and practicing. Of course you know me, I get an idea, Daniel jumps on it and then we are both off and running to make it accessible to you. So we have new projects in the works which means a lot of work ahead of us.

I would like to thank all of you who have written in and shared your stories and support regarding the topics and opinions I have on belly dance agendas, business ethics, advice and community needs. Also I would like to thank those who have written in disagreeing with me or had an issue with me over my topics. Your emails are just as important to me because I know it takes courage to write about something that bothers you. I tend to occasionally step on a few toes with my blog but I have found that with my readers I feel an obligation to stay the course and speak my mind. I sit back and wonder sometimes if I should say something and then I realize that my blog is about the reality of this danceform. I feel that we all have to uphold the integrity of this danceform by being the example. Some times this means I have fallen flat on my butt but other times I have stood my ground.

Remember to stay true to yourselves and know where your heart is at. If you feel your heart is in the right place, move on and enjoy the next adventure.

 Belly Dance Inside Scoop on Interviews Coming Up!

The next interview coming up on bellydancevillage will be with Cristina and Seemore from Spain. They are a couple who teach a variety of Latin Dances and are the biggest names in their field. Their interview will be up within the next few days so bellydancevillage members you are in for a treat. Also in the editing room are two more interviews, award winning troupe director and choreographer Rozana al Jinan from New Mexico and Maffie De Hoyos Fitness Expert and Dance Director of Cuts, Curves and Movements from the Philippines. Check interviews out on

 Belly Dance Inside Scoop on our Chat Forum with Leyla Najma every Wednesday!

                               “Dance Talk”

We have exciting news on the classroom front because starting next week Wednesday August 24th at 10:00am to 11:00am and 9:00pm to 10:00pm I will be available for live chats! This is thrilling news for me because I have been wanting to be accessible to dancers in every way possible. We wanted it to be right so that I could put in the time to answer questions or talk about belly dance issues once a week with everyone. “Dance Talk” will widen the gap needed for students and dancers who have a wide range of questions regarding performing, on-line classes etc. I am looking forward to talking with all of you so look for details coming soon!

 Gig Advice

On another note remember that now is a good time to look at your business strategy and to make those changes that are necessary to get you out and positioned in a good light. A good article in the local newspaper on belly dance fitness or a belly dance class at the local gym can give you a student base boost. If you sell yourself for free then expect what comes with that. If a client calls you and wants you for free or your community can’t afford you there are always things you can ask for in place of full payment. Ask for gas money, food and drinks or compensation for future events. This way you don’t feel you are being taken advantage of and they feel they have put some effort into bringing you into their event. If you agree to “free” then expect a free mentality which means you won’t get much. A thank you and hand shake after the 15th time gets old and the time and effort it costs you or your troupe to get ready and drive out to a gig especially when it’s out of your own pocket can be costly.

I danced at an old folk’s home in the Dallas area years ago and found that there were a few of the patrons that did not like me being there. One old man played a record player with 40’s music blaring. Another woman kept trying to hit me with her cane while another old man was yelling at me to take off all my clothes. I did that gig for free and found that with the time and effort it took me to drive there, convince the patrons that I was not an “exotic” dancer; dance over loud music amongst yells and whistles, it was an exhausting experience with not compensation for my efforts. The facility nurses and staff paid me little attention and the group coordinator that hired me was oblivious to any problems. I know community service is a good thing but after awhile of doing the freebies I learned that free means that no one is responsible for taking care of my needs and it’s an expense that’s my dime and not theirs. I make a living with my dancing and if I don’t give myself worth then there will be those who will take advantage of this. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help organizations or causes but stipulate what you will do and write up a contract showing them what they would have had to pay in order to get you. This way they see your worth even if you are helping them out for free.


Hey blog and bellydancevillage teachers and students, write in about your favorite Hip Phylosophy move meaning any combos from the videos for prizes! You can write in short story form or  paragraph form. Who knows you could be a winner!!

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