Let The Flood Gates Open and Feel the Ocean of Change

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Let The Flood Gates Open - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

The biggest reasons for dancing sometimes can be a catalyst that propels us in directions where we free fall and land flat on our feet or end up upside down. This dance is crazy and for the most part we have to be a little insane for wanting to be apart of it. Maybe this is a good thing since the world is so chaotic right now.

I have been dreaming of the Ocean for many weeks and I have come to realize that she represents change happening in my life. Its obvious there is cleansing going on but on a deeper level I feel like I am just about ready to open up a treasure trove of desirable trinkets, romantic dreams, soul emergence and the unthinkable aspirations of a choreographer’s bliss.

It’s not about what is in front of me but what is around the corner, hidden from view. I’m past the monster stage but that’s only because I have abolished my own monster inside myself. Well…..okay I only let her come out during Halloween!  But my point is that I’m not afraid of what I can’t see coming anymore. The curve ball blather can hurt especially when it hits you right between the eyes but I recently read that belly dancers have a magical ability to see any large or small types of blather being ejected their way. Wish I would have read that in the “Belly Dancers Magic Book” a  while ago if you know what I mean!

Anyways apart of choreography is allowing change to take place so movements are fresh like a spring rain or ocean breeze. The more you feel the change and embrace it the more you become what inspires you. The way I look at choreography is this; you choreograph what you succumb to, dance your physical masterpiece and complete the cycle of renewal with the finished performance and outcome. We are what we allow inside us and as dancers we have the most important and delicate of jobs; we cater to people’s bliss, misery, happiness, sadness, so we have all these emotions rolled into one audience. Our choreographies have a little of all of these emotions in them because when we dance we dance from life itself which is the existence of every emotion. How lucky we are to choreograph misery into a dance and change it into bliss or a sad lover’s song into a happy reunion. We get to play the magical muses of life becoming the genies of our generation.

Flood gates open, water flooding the senses………time to choreograph!!

PS I”m on the second song for Belly Stretch/Thrust and Roll so by the end of the week we will have a great workout class finished!

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    Thank you Leyla!