Free Belly Dancing Hip Combination Video – Goddess Sati

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Free Belly Dancing Instructional Video

goddess-sati-belly-dance-videoNot too long ago we produced a series of very short belly dancing instructional videos specifically for the Belly Dancing Leyla Style mobile app for the Android and iPhone.

This one will be on the mobile app along with the others. I’m posting it on my blog as a way of celebrating the season with you all and to say thanks for your comments, feedback and participation on my blog.


PS: This video is enabled for embedding so feel free to grab the embed code and add it to your website for your visitors if you choose.


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About Leyla Najma

Lifelong professional Belly Dancer dedicated to providing “Belly Dance Instruction That Is Easy To Understand And Learn That Connects The Dots”


2 Responses to “Free Belly Dancing Hip Combination Video – Goddess Sati”
  1. Tania says:

    Hi Leyla

    Great combination as always. I will definitely be using this one! Thank you for all your great articles.

    Love & hugs,
    Tania xxx 🙂

    • Leyla Najma says:

      Merry Christmas Tania,

      I”m so glad you liked the combo. I did a bunch of short combos named after Egyptian Goddesses. I thought that would be fun. I hope your holidays are wonderful and that Santa is good to you!!

      Love and Hugs,