For Belly Dance DVD Customers

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The purpose of this post is to provide an area where Dancers who have bought a DVD can get any question answered. It is really easy.

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About Leyla Najma
Lifelong professional Belly Dancer dedicated to providing "Belly Dance Instruction That Is Easy To Understand And Learn That Connects The Dots"


10 Responses to “For Belly Dance DVD Customers”
  1. Belly Dance Husband says:

    This is the support area for Belly Dancers that are in live Belly Dance classes. To ask a question just leave a comment and make sure that you check the box below that says “Subscribe To This Post”.

  2. aflynn1a says:

    Just finished up the first live class and I just wanted to let you know that it was great! The second group of sharp threw me for a second with the downs but became more comfortable with it! You did such a great job and I can’t wait for thursdays class!
    Allison (najla)

  3. Belly Dance Husband says:

    The recorded video from the Tuesday morning class is uploaded and ready for review. If you’re part of the Tuesday class you will be receiving a message shortly with the link to the page for the class just concluded.

  4. me_dancer says:

    My DVDs arrived ok, thanks for asking. Is it your first DVD in my location?

    • Belly Dance Husband says:

      Horray! We have shipped to South Africa, Sweeden, Switzerland the UK but not to the Czech republic. Glad that they made it there ok. Are you able to attend live classes ok? Tried calling just to check in couple of days ago to make sure all was well.

  5. aflynn1a says:


    I just had the chance today to do the record class for tuesday. Busy week…..I have done that combo before and I really love it!! I can not believe next week is our last week!!

  6. me_dancer says:

    Hi Leyla and Dan,

    I am very glad I did your online home study course. I will do the next one for sure. This form of study gives me a strong motivation, and sense of duty fo attend and to do my excercise on Saturday as addition to your classes. It is still somewhat hard to go through all the classes replays…
    I was unable to attend last Tuesday, and I was really puzzled with the challenger turn: I kept doing turns all the way through, while there are turns and half-turns alternating. All is clear new after last week lessons, nevertheless the DVDs from both classes are must have items.
    Thank you so much for your leadership, and for sharing and caring. I am looking forward to next classes!

    • Belly Dance Husband says:

      Hi Amira,

      So glad to hear from you. We are formulating plans for the next cycle and look forward to having you again. I’ve got some pretty nifty ideas for the way we’re going to deliver the next set of classes, so stay tuned.

  7. nursedoe says:

    Hello, I just received a series of dvd’s and am having a great time going through them. I stopped the Hip Opposition after a few moments because I really can’t seem to figure out the forward thrust vs what you call forward corner. I went back then to the beginner first moves with the “hip thrusts” and my body just does not understand the right forward/left forward. I am having a struggle when the side hip thrusts and NOT lifting my hip upward. Is it more like a “hip slide” in which the hip is supposed to stay even with the floor? When I contract my gluts, then the hip rises.

    I am trying to clarify at the beginning. My only experience with Belly Dance was with the “shimmy fitness” dvd set, in which I did not seem to catch on to the posture at all. I never really did the dance part of the DVD, since they were a work out before I had to be to work, so I would often run out of time. I finally took 3 private lessons in which the intructor told me that I had learned some pretty bad form- back arched etc. So, I am trying to unlearn bad form. There is no way that I can take an in person class right now. I am worried about learning bad habits and want to make sure I clarify the movement.

    The drills seem wonderful! ( I am confused by mirror instructions, that is you say right, -your right- when it is my left- so I have to close my eyes sometimes).

    Doe Gasque