Finding A Belly Dance Connection With Todays Woman

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belly dancer leyla najma in the desertThree months ago I was reading an article in a separate section of the Albuquerque Journal newspaper called Sage Magazine regarding suicide amongst women. And it wasn’t talking about young women, it was talking about Mothers, wives and daughters who were around my age group. It hit me hard because it never occurred to me that in todays day and age this would be a problem.

I put the article down and thought that it might be a good idea to write the editor to see if she would be interested in doing an article on belly dancing and connect it to reviving a love affair with women’s bodies.  Another week past and there laid the article where I put it on the table. As usual I became busy doing something else but that nagging feeling in my chest wouldn’t go away. I told myself I would call the editor in a few days but divine inspiration would have none of my procrastination and screamed at me that the time was now!

So off I went to call the editor and was prepared leave a voice mail when all of a sudden she answered the phone. I must admit that a few minutes passed where I sounded like an idiot but slowly my composure came back as I talked passionately about our wonderful dance form and how it helps women deal with today’s problems. The editor of Sage magazine is Carolyn Flynn and she was totally up for the article and was intrigued by the connection. She assigned a wonderful writer Donna Olmstead to interview me and the end result was in this past Sunday’s Sage Magazine called, In Step with Yourself, “Fall back in love with your body through belly dancing.”

Free advertizing is the best way not only to get your name out there but it’s a way to get you connected to finding solutions with issues and problems concerning your community. When divine inspiration hits you, run with it and create a different way for you to be viewed by the public. Our dance form has survived because we have integrated it into our society, culture and customs.

My solution for my community regarding depression and despair was to let women in my community know that if they felt disconnected from themselves here is a solution that is fun, great exercise and a therapy for the body, mind, soul and emotions.

So the bottom line is to see how you can make your community better by connecting the dots from problem to solution. Everybody wins and belly dancing’s image is looked upon in the community in a higher regard along with your name.

You can view the article in PDF format here.

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4 Responses to “Finding A Belly Dance Connection With Todays Woman”
  1. Megan says:

    I would love to read this article- is it available online?

    I am going through a really hard time in my life- my heart is broken and I know I need to learn to love myself and care for myself. I need to gain confidence as a person and as a woman. Dancing does help. It’s a welcome distraction, a way to release emotion, gives a sense of achievement, and nurtures the spirit.

    I can’t wait to receive and work with your DVD’s 🙂

    • Leyla Najma says:

      Hey Megan,

      I didn’t see your comment here……so forgive me for not answering!!
      I’m here for you………how is life treating you? I miss visiting with you via emails. Keep me posted on what’s going on in your life!!



  2. aflynn1a says:


    Hi! This is an excellent article! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! It is so important to get the word out on what belly dance can do for women in general! For me this is why I love the dance because not only can I see the changes it has done for me but when I start seeing changes in my students it is wonderful and exciting and makes me so proud!


    • Leyla Najma says:

      . Najla,

      It’s always about the connection, isn’t it?!!
      Now what to do about all the hissing that occasionally happens! hahaha