DVD Review, Rozana al Jinans Cane Choreography

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Review by Leyla Najma for “The Chronicles Belly Dance Magazine.rozanne-al-jinan-leyla-najma-cane-choreography

Rozana al Jinan Presents:
Raqs Assaya “Blue Moon”
Cane Choreography like you’ve never seen it!

Sun, sand and swirling images in blue greet you as you start your journey watching Raqs Assaya “Blue Moon”. Rozana al Jinan takes what you thought you knew about cane and completely revolutionizes cane technique with modern choreography. As you watch Rozana move with the cane, it is almost as if the cane is an extension of her movements. And this is why this is a must have DVD.

A pleasant “warm up” starts you off and is so enjoyable because Rozana has such a soft and relaxing voice. This really gets you into a good mood and prepares you for the challenging class awaiting you. But I have to warn beginner dancers; this choreography is intended for the experienced dancer. So make sure you have your foundation movements down and you are able to work in your traveling steps before you try out Rozana’s choreography.

How many dancers really know how to hold a cane? Rozana gives tips on how to hold and control your cane. This is a must know part of cane and even if you have danced with cane previously this information is a really good reminder on how to feel the energy with your cane as it moves with you. Rozana does something that I wish a lot of dancers would do when they produce an instructional; she shows the feet work first than the combination with the cane and than the cane drill. Wow, this took a lot of the guess work out and I was able to follow Rozana with greater ease.

For the professional dancer out there who is bored with her cane this DVD not only saves the day but adds a new spice to cane choreography. Since Rozana is a black belt in Tae Kwando she combined new and exciting elements to her choreography which include martial arts. This is why Rozana’s choreography is different and challenging. She brought in rudiments of Contemporary Wushu which translates to “Flowering Hand”. This is a form of Chinese martial arts that is performed as a sport today. The form itself is known to mean “As soft as a flower while in motion but strong upon impact” which defines Rozana’s choreography perfectly. My favorite combination is the Plum Blossom which is a move derived from Wushu. Trust me this particular move with the cane will test your ability to do two things at once which I found out to my chagrin. The bottom line is this DVD is educational, challenging and different. And an added bonus is a “Tips and Inside Information” booklet that Rozana provides with her DVD.
With so many instructional DVDs out today Raqs Assaya “Blue Moon” is
a wonderful surprise and once you buy it; you’ll find it is money well spent.

Raqs Assaya “Blue Moon” is available from Rozana al Jinan. For more information contact Rozana al Jinan at: www.jinanbellydancing.com or
Rozana @jinanbellydancing.com

By Leyla Najma

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