Climbing the Queens Pyramid and Missing Time

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Climbing the Queens Pyramid - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance Blog

When I traveled to Egypt in 1991 it was definitely a calling from the Heavens. It never occurred to me that I was really going for dance; I was going because the temples, alters, and sacred burial grounds were my calling. My first walk off the plane and down multiple steps was not exactly my finest moment. The obvious dancer in me missed the first step and I went tumbling down a flight of stairs and landed on my suitcases. A dance friend that went with me started to yell my name and burst out laughing. Out of nowhere a myriad of people appeared to help me untangle my arms from my legs. I made an entrance I never planned on making and from that moment on the excitement and unexpected twists and turns never stopped.

I’ll tell you all a little secret that I have kept for a long time…..maybe I’m doing this out of guilt but I figure at this point I might as well let the cat out of the bag. I met wonderful people in Cairo and one friend in particular was a very adventurous fellow. We all called him Jimbo and true to form he was a great traveling companion. One night we were at a pub called Pub 13 in Maadi, a suburb on the outskirts of Cairo when he got this bright idea for us to go and climb one of the Queens pyramids. It was around 2:00am in the morning and by this point we had drunk quite a few beers, a brand called Stella. In my right state of mind I would have said no, but I was in a happy go lucky mood and just about every suggestion sounded good to me at that point. So with an Indiana Jones state of mind we took off in a cab with the full moon as our guide.

When we approached the pyramids the cab driver drove us to an area by a group of houses. He didn’t want to go any further and we ended up walking a ways before the Queens pyramids were within view. As we approached our destination I was past being light headed and really enjoying the sounds from the distant desert. The wind seemed different; you could almost feel a presence in her. I could hear light whispers from behind me but when I would turn around to see if anyone was there, all I would see was sand and stone. Jimbo heard the same whispers and we stopped for a moment because we both thought there were people in front of us. As we waited in the shadows, nothing came towards us. We were beginning to get spooked because it was evident we were not alone in the dark.

One look up the pyramid and it was evident that it was going to be one heck of a climb. So with a high five we started to climb looking for a path way up the giant stones. I could feel a presence all around me with each step and occasionally I felt as if someone was touching me as I was trying to keep up with Jimbo. We stopped a few times to catch our breath and I could tell that the higher we climbed the noisier it got with the whispers. I knew Jimbo was nervous and feeling uncomfortable and the thought crossed my mind that maybe we shouldn’t be doing this but at that point it was too late to stop. We had passed the point of no return and we knew we had to get to the top.  The voices were egging us on and when the top stones could be seen an adrenalin rush came over me like nothing I had ever felt before. We both looked at each other and then everything went blank.

I looked at Jimbo again and noticed that the sun was coming up and he looked at me with a blank stare. I had to say his name a few times for him to respond to me. I was in the middle of a mosquito swarm and suggested that we start to climb down. Without a word he turned and we started to make our way down the pyramid in record speed. As we reached the road and started to walk toward the houses in the distance we could hear the Morning Prayer echoing through out the city. In moments like that it is as if time stands still.

We hailed a cab and went to one of the hotels to eat breakfast. Jimbo still wouldn’t talk to me and I finally broke the silence with a question. I asked, “What time did we leave the pub?” He said, “We left around 2:00am.” I then asked how long it took us to get to the pyramids. He said, “Thirty minutes max with no traffic on the roads. And I know what you’re next question is going to be. How long did it take us to climb the pyramid, right?” He knew I was asking because we had missing time that neither of us could account for. The Queens pyramids are smaller in stature so I figured it took maybe and hour or so to reach the top but once we reached the top, I don’t remember anything.

We looked at each other and realized that whoever was with us that night might have played a roll in our missing time. We couldn’t see anyone but we knew they were there. It was like we stepped into the twilight zone where  the known becomes the unknown.

Climbing the pyramids is not permitted and if we would have gotten caught that night well my story would have had different ending. To this day I don’t know what happened in those few hours of missing time but knowing Isis and Hathor as I do, I feel they took me into their arms, embraced me and said, “Welcome!”  I just hope it wasn’t Sekhmet that embraced Jimbo because we all know how cats love to play!

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