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Belly Dance Blogging:

It seems like I have been belly dance blogging for years but truth be told I have only been writing my thoughts down for 3 years. Maybe it’s because I write for belly dance magazines that I thought it was for longer. Now if you look on the internet you will see belly dance blogs all over the place and I am not surprised. I mean my belly dance blog is my safe haven where I speak my mind and take up my own causes. But I have found out that in doing this I tend to get into trouble.

Maybe that’s why belly dance blogs are on the rise; the freedom of speech to really say what we want. Or it could be it’s the new way to communicate and get information out in a more personal way. I feel like my belly dance blog is an extension of me and it also represents the many websites that we have. And sometimes Daniel will say, “Hey you should blog about specific issues that impact dancers.” I whole heartedly agree but sometimes these issues taken up in my belly dance blog can as I said before get me into trouble.

Also I think that if dancers are going to go to our various websites and learn from my videos, they should know more about my principles and values not just as a dancer but as a person. The best way to impart my thoughts is to share stories and information that I feel is pertinent to a dancer’s journey. Sometimes I don’t have the best experiences working with dancers, workshop sponsors or theater personnel but they all add to my learning experience as a dancer. Blogging is a way of expressing those feelings that I think would otherwise be closed off. To type words that share experiences is in a way not only therapeutic but a good way to see the journey for what it was. In my belly dance blog I don’t waste your time telling you that it’s all lolly pops and roses, there are real life issues that are apart of my journey.

So if there are many of you reading this who want to start your own belly dance blog realize that it is an extension of you and your life. This means writing about topics that may not be popular but necessary. It may put you in a negative light to those who you write about especially if they check out what you have to say occasionally. But remember that everyone has an opinion but in your belly dance blog, your opinion is the attraction, the grape that feeds the masses. Follow your instinct on topics that matter to you and don’t be afraid to stand your ground. Heaven knows I am an experienced pro at this.

Also for instance when the Bhuz issue came upon us last year, I wrote an article about my feelings on the subject in the Chronicles Belly Dance magazine besides my belly dance blog. Having these outlets helped me realized that criticism is always lurking around every corner so my belly dance blog is like my community that keeps me focused and sane. But remember criticism is a double edged sword because your opinion can look like a critique. But as I have always said most opinions are based on a person’s values and principles and criticism is based on shallow ground that is supported by insecurities. So for me my belly dance blog keeps me in my own neighborhood speaking my mind about what is important to me. I don’t feel I have to knock down any doors to get my point across.

Another wonderful motivation for belly dance blogs is curriculum philosophy, ideals on choreography, advice based from experience and calling a spade a spade when necessary. My belly dance blog has become a way for me to reach dancers who may have questions that I can answer or share ideas with a multitude of women. In the end a belly dance blog isn’t just about the blogger, it’s about sharing the magic of inspiration, the realities of life and the pitfalls and highs of being an entertainer. Belly dance blogging is so popular now because we can all see that we are on similar journeys and the best journey of all is not feeling alone but feeling apart of a community that is going in the same direction. We can make our own footprints in the sand along with everyone else’s.

Hope you liked this article on Belly Dance Blogging and of course I want to give a small amount of credit to Daniel. He keeps everything in order and tuned up and all I have to do is just get in here and write.

To help other dancers enter the world of Belly Dance blogging, Daniel set up another site at Belly Dance Village.Net so that any dancer can enter the world of Belly Dance Blogging with comfort knowing they’ll be supported by someone who knows Belly Dancing and Blogging.




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2 Responses to “Belly Dance Blogging”
  1. Belly Dance Husband says:

    I have to say how much of an amazing woman you are. I am so lucky that I get to be your husband. You are a warrior, goddess and feel blessed to be with such an special individual and woman.

    • Leyla Najma says:

      I feel the same way about you!!
      Especially with days like today when I felt the world was against me……….there you were my knight in shining armor.
      You are my Zeus and my strength! I am very blessed that you are my husband and the one I get to live life with!