A True Story Of Inspiration

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Belly Dancing After Surgery in Bed - Leyla Najma's Belly Dance BlogI’d like to share with you a story that one of our customers whose name is Jane  has given us permission to share. I found it to be inspiring and want to share it and spread the inspiration around.

Anyway, it was a couple of Saturdays ago, when after I got my first cup of coffee I found a new email message, which was an alert of a new order.

As a part of the way we do business, Leyla, or I will call and extend our thanks when a new customer orders anything. We just think that it is basic common courtesy to thank people for their business.   Of course being the inquisitive little bugger that I am and how I like to talk, I always find these conversations with dancers fascinating and love finding out about what motivates them, their problems and just have a friendly chit chat if they’re up for it.

Anyway, as I read the new order alert, I noticed that the order came from the UK, which is 8 hours ahead of Albuquerque, NM. This kind of caused the little guy on my shoulder to introduce some hesitancy about making an international call. So after I paused, hemmed, and hawed a bit, I just felt that this would be an important call to make, so, I picked up the phone and made the call.

It’s interesting, when I make these calls, I’m always a bit fearful at first about getting a suspicious husband or boy friend answering and giving me the ‘who the hell are you and why are you calling my wife or girlfriend” routine.  I always try and nip this in the bud when I call by saying that I’m from “Leyla Najma” calling about Belly Dance DVDS. So fortunately this hasn’t happened yet.

So, I made the call and did get Jane’s husband who was very gracious and handed me over to Jane without delay.

Jane had bought the “Beginning Belly Dance Bundle” of DVDS and so I thanked her for that, asked her about what motivated her to order?  (I know Jane will be reading this, and it has been a couple of weeks since I spoke with her so I hope I get all the details correct).

Jane told me that she had been engaged in a battle with cancer for the last couple of decades and though she had won that battle there was a final operation that she had to go through in the coming days. She said that she had been down the traditional exercise path and wanted to try something that was different.

I’m obviously leaving out certain personal details about Jane’s story, but the whole time she was sharing it with me I couldn’t help thinking what a great warrior spirit and had an immediate sense of admiration for Jane. I mean going through anything for a couple of decades and coming out the winner in the end is truly phenomenal.

Imagine if you will what it would be like to wake up every morning for 20 year and have to face up to a challenge that threatened  your very life. The intense ups and down’s of hope, desperation, frustration, dealing with doctors, clinics, hospitals, therapies, insurance companies and financial stress is almost beyond belief.

I’m thinking to myself the whole time that with all that Jane has gone through, that she will be a phenomenal Belly Dancer. I mean you can’t have the kind of perseverance to fight a multi-decade long battle with cancer and not have the strength of character to be a great dancer.

As inspiring as this is, this is not what caused me to write this message. It was actually one of the last things, or correspondences we had that really, really inspired me.

With every DVD, or order we also make the full length version of the on line DVD available immediately so that dancers have the opportunity to get started right away and so when I asked Jane if she had any problems with the ordering process she told me that the link to the on line video for Beginning Belly Dance DVD, Sinuous Arms didn’t work. She thought it was possibly her fault due to computer illiteracy but asked me to check it out for her because…..

“After my operation as I’m laying in bed recovering I want to be able to practice”.

I was absolutely floored that someone going into the hospital for surgery would want to practice Belly Dancing while laying in their hospital bed. I’m a big baby (just ask Leyla) when I get sick and all I want to do is lay on the couch, be waited on and watch Stargate SG1 reruns. Not Jane, she wanted to practice wrist twists and fish hands.

Jane you are truly an amazing woman. I think about your words every day. They inspire me and Leyla and we both know that one day you are going to be one totally awesome amazing dancer.

So, if you’re reading this take 5 seconds to beam some brilliant white healing light in the direction of the UK with Jane’s name on it and give  her the encouragement she needs to practice those wrist twists and fish hands.

We both hope you are well and are eagerly awaiting to hear how you are feeling.

Dan and Leyla

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  1. Belly Dance Husband says:

    We heard from Jane yesterday after this went out and she has another operation to go and is still practicing her wrist twists and snake arms.