An Accumulation of Reasons

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An Accumulation of Reasons - Leyla Najmas Belly Dance Blog

Sometimes I will lie in bed and think about past performances and shows that I participated in and I will run through the whole event in my mind. The good, the bad, pretty much everything is thrown in and I start to think about how I could have changed things. Different outcomes would have made for better experiences but sometimes the lessons wouldn’t have been learned. I think we have to let the past be but sometimes it’s good to look at experiences every now and then to remember how much of life we have lived.

In talking with many of the dancers that I have interviewed it occurred to me we are all traveling parallel paths, they just curve, drop and rise differently because various lessons and realities are so different. But one thing is for sure everyone has an accumulation of opinions that creates their point of view and reference. Sometimes we agree and other times we differ in ideologies but disagreements don’t make anyone’s reality less real for them or wrong. What makes our world go round keeping is the endless experiences that each one of us has. It’s all thrown into the pot of self discovery and we all taste a little bit of each others thoughts and views.

The interviews are my way of understanding everyone’s feelings and experiences in our dance field. And I must I have found it very interesting that many dancers-teachers experience the same thing just in different parts of the planet. Why do women dance? It’s an age old question but the answer is never the same and changes with the times.

I had one dancer come into my class who was a ballet dancer and she would catch on to all the moves within minutes of executing them. The other girls would look at her with dismay and I would just smile. She came to class for a very unique reason which was to feel more spiritual because ballet to her was an insolated dance form that didn’t allow for her private expression. She just wanted to feel like herself without apology. Another dancer always wanted to belly dance and her ex-husband would never allow her to. The “allowing” part always got me but she had to figure out how to make up her own mind. Class for her was making decisions for herself

A very beautiful older woman walked through my studio doors looking for a way to capture her youth. She had let her younger years dictate was appropriate for her in her later years.  She felt young at heart and decided to go with the feeling she felt inside. Dancing for her was expressing her new outlook on life without apology for being her age.

I always wonder if I would have kept my studio open how many more reasons would have come through to accumulate with all the others. It seems that our dance plays a huge part for women in uncovering truths that were at one time hidden secrets. Everyone’s journey seems to lead them to a type of self discovery that touches the soul. Belly dance does just that and more because even after all these years I feel it transform my life in a way that will stay with me until my last breathe.


Belly Dance Tip of the Day:

Weight and Feet

Remember that feet are important in your dance. They help execute each move plus they help us distribute our weight in various ways that allows for us to dance. The important thing to remember is that if we are off on our weight distribution the feet can’t help us there.

One time I was performing on a very dark stage and danced right onto a warped piece of wood that bowed down 5 or 6 inches. I couldn’t keep myself from slightly falling because my weight and feet were a tangled mess. Walking off stage was a bit embarrassing and I was to go on again for the last half of the show. Interestingly enough I knew where the warped piece of wood was and I was able to adjust for it with no problem. So what I learned is that once our feet know what’s going on they can keep us from falling over and adjust for any problems.

But even to this day I am weary of the bottomless pit stages that can swallow us up whole!


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